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On this project, Ark Interiors were approached by a new client, Phil Hird, to create a unique and functional design to transform a bare and unusable space for him and his team at Hird Ltd, Hull. 

Prior to the fitout process for the project, we provided our client with 3D visuals and walkthroughs, to give them an accurate representation of how the building interior would look and feel from the old existing building through to the new extension. 

The design was seperated between the old and new areas of the building on site. The extension was to include training rooms that would hold a completely different feel to the existing older section, instead feeling clean, modern and educational for their function. Included in the training rooms were wall graphics which allowed each room to hold their own identity and learning aspect of our client's business. 

In keeping with the age and look of the exisitng building, the original interior brick walls were recreated, using brick panelling to keep with the industrial theme of the project. 

Everything that was included within the design was bespoke to the specification. All features were designed and manufactured in house to the requirements of the client and installed during the fit-out on site. 

We collaborated with our sister companies; Stiga Electrical, OGP Interior Glass and Officio Furniture to complete the full transformation on this project which totalled a length of 3 months. We couldn't be happier with the outcome of this project and are pleased to here the overly positive response from our client. 

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